Are you 18-24? Live in the UK? We want to know what you think!

This study is part of a post-graduate research project, supported by Loughborough University, gathering insights about young people and democracy.

Please answer our brief survey (it takes roughly 5 minutes to complete) – this is really helpful for our research, thank you!

Full information regarding this study is on the Participant Information Sheet here

Informed Consent

  • The purpose and details of this study have been explained to me. 
  • I understand that this study is designed to further academic knowledge, and that all procedures have been approved by the Loughborough University Ethics Approvals (Human Participants) Sub-Committee.
  • I have read and understood the Participant Information and this consent form. 
  • I have had an opportunity to ask questions about my participation.
  • I understand that taking part in the survey is anonymous; only non-identifying demographic information will be collected.
  • I understand that I am under no obligation to take part in the study and can withdraw during the survey by closing the browser but will not be able to withdraw once my responses have been submitted.
  • I understand that information I provide will be used for coursework submission.
Consent to Participate Required
This study is specifically interested in the thoughts of 18–24-year-olds around local democracy. Required

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