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Feedback on your experience of REF 2021

This survey is your chance to share your experiences of being involved in the completion of LU’s REF 2021 submission. The information gathered will help us to review our processes, systems and policies and to shape the way in which we conduct research assessment and make progress towards future REF submissions.

Not all of the sections may be applicable to you in your role, therefore the majority of questions are not mandatory, but we would encourage you to complete as much as possible where you have had direct experience relevant to the question being asked.  Your views are really important to us in reviewing how we approached REF 2021 and making recommendations for the future.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will close at 5pm, 30 September. You do not have to complete the whole survey in one sitting as there is an option to return to it.

Your data and consent

As part of our analysis of the survey results, we want to conduct a quantitative Equality Impact Assessment to understand whether our REF processes, systems and policies affected different groups of staff in different ways. This will allow us, going forward, to make changes to ensure that research assessment is carried out in the most optimal equitable way and does not inadvertently disadvantage staff with certain protected characteristics such as gender, ethnicity & disability. 

By entering your staff ID on this form, we will be able to link to data held in the University’s HR system. This includes basic data that will tell us which part of the university you work in and what your job family is, which will help us interpret the results we obtain. It will also include some personal data (ethnicity, gender and disability) but your personal data will only be used for the Equality Impact Assessment if you provide consent for us to do so (see below). If you do not consent, you can still complete the survey but your personal data will not be used as part of the Equality Impact Assessment.

Please note that your staff ID will not be linked to your individual survey response as part of the analysis, meaning that your answers to the survey will be anonymised.

If you need further clarification, or have any further questions, please contact Sophie Crouchman via email (


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